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Welcome to the Frequentis 2020 Virtual FAAMA booth! As a proud sponsor of FAAMA for many years, we are pivoting to support this year’s Gathering of Eagles event virtually and plan to have new booth events, giveaways, demonstrations and information for each scheduled FAAMA event.

Frequentis—located in Columbia, Maryland—develops, delivers, and supports communication and information solutions for FAA, DoD, NASA, state and local emergency services agencies, and other agencies. FAAMA participants most commonly know us as your Interim Voice System Replacement (IVSR) tower or TRACON voice comm system provider. If your site does not yet have an IVSR, talk with us about the current waterfall –you may be eligible for an IVSR—we can help guide you with information about how to request a system. The IVSR is the only production system in use by FAA today, and can be sustained and upgraded, including providing native VoIP air/ground and ground/ground communications, to support sites well beyond 2035.

For FAA, we provide not only the terminal voice switch, but also provide Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateways located at select ARTCCs to connect to RCO air-to-ground radios supporting the Future Flight Service Program (FFSP).  We also delivered and maintain the ATCSCC CCS-W system that provides all of the NAS operational communications services to ATC facilities. We will be delivering a VoIP VCS to the WJHTC in the next 3 months to support FAA’s requirements development of the future next generation voice switches at ATC terminal and enroute facilities (FAA Voice over IP Communications Enterprise, VoICE).

Visit our virtual booth so we can hear about your facility, your thoughts about the state of ATC communications, and share with you some of the solutions we are offering FAA—remote towers, electronic flight strips, Alaskan AFSSs, UAS technology demonstrations and research, and much more.

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Dieter Eier 

(301) 379-7227

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Lenny Swiontek 

(301) 379-7227

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Larry Major

(443) 469 4523


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