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Your Preferred Professional Liability Insurance

Most federal employees joined the Federal service with anticipation of a productive career that would end at their time of choosing with a good retirement. Unfortunately, many employees find themselves in a situation that could result in the loss of their job, reputation and retirement. With CareerGuard® you get legal defense protection for civil lawsuits, criminal complaints, and administrative disciplinary actions.  CareerGuard® is an all-inclusive policy and does not have up-charges or add-ons to their policy.  No matter your position or title, agency or department, the CareerGuard® policy has you covered.  CareerGuard® also protects qualified law enforcement officers (LEO’s) as defined by the LEOSA Safety Act of 2004 for off-duty incidents.  This additional protection for LEO’s is included in CareerGuard® and is not an additional endorsement or rider of the policy.
Many federal employees do not realize that DOJ, in its own discretion, can choose whether or not to provide representation. DOJ may determine that because a situation involves more than one employee, it cannot choose which employee to defend or that representing an employee will not promote the best interests of the United States. DOJ’s ultimate responsibility is to protect the United States.  For less than the average cost of one hour of an attorney’s fee, any federal employee (working at least 17.5 hours per week) can purchase CareerGuard® Professional Liability Insurance.  Without CareerGuard® Professional Liability Insurance, defense of disciplinary proceedings can result in attorney fees exceeding $50,000.

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